True Stories, True Selves:

A night of First-Person Stories from Des Moines LGBTQ Community and Their Allies

Monday, April 16, 7 p.m.
Hoyt Sherman Place
Des Moines, Iowa

True Stories, True Selves: A Night of First-Person Stories from Des Moines’ LGBTQ Community and Their Allies

At the heart of everything people care about is a great story. And at the Storytellers Brand Studio, that’s exactly what happens; everyday people tell true, first-person stories about who they are, what they do, and why it matters. Each of these storytelling events helps to connect people to their communities using authentic stories to drive changes in behavior and perception.

On April 16th, Capital City Pride in cooperation with Athene USA will collaborate with the USA Today Storytellers Brand Studio to present a storytelling event titled “True Stories, True Selves.” Focusing on intimacy and authenticity, this special event promotes individuals to unlock meaningful, memorable stories to connect people of the Des Moines Metro with the LGBTQ community, our mission and vision. When people share stories, they feel more connected and more willing to invest emotionally.

The event will take place at Hoyt Sherman Place at 7 p.m. for this celebration of the LGBTQ men and women who make Des Moines such a spirited and supportive place to live. These everyday community members will speak about what it’s like to overcome adversity. These are the unexpected stories – some charming, some touching, some funny – from local men and women creating families, creating lives and creating a city and community culture.

This unique event will leave guests with a custom message focused on the vision and mission of Capital City Pride. This message is designed to be brief, heartfelt and to include the idea that in sharing our stories, we feel more willing to invest in our neighbors with our time, our resources and our hearts because at the end of the day we are better together.

Join us on Monday, April 16th at 7 p.m. at Hoyt Sherman Place for an impactful evening that will encourage you to not only listen but share your own stories of what makes you, you.