Why You Should Bring Your Kids to PrideFest

By Sadie Gifford, 15

tween draped in rainbow flag at pride parade

As summer approaches, so does Pride in Des Moines. And for the second year in a row, Capital City Pride will host 30 Days of Pride (including PrideFest weekend), offering numerous events throughout the city to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community.

You might be wondering if Pride festivities are appropriate for children or teens. Let me tell you, they definitely are. In fact, kids and adolescents are ENCOURAGED to participate in PrideFest. Because Pride is for everyone. And the LGBTQ+ community is accepting and welcoming of everyone – not just those who identify as LGBTQ+. PrideFest promotes acceptance, advocacy, representation and most importantly, love.

This year’s event has a ton of fun activities for all ages: Drag Brunch, Fun Run, Silent Disco, Family Feud, Inclusive Worship, a Pride parade and so much more. There’s even a kids weekend which I’m personally looking forward to. I love all activities that involve drag queens like the brunches and Cooking in the Kitchen, but to sit in on story time with a drag queen? That sounds like a phenomenal experience I wouldn’t want to miss. Also, the Pool Party at Adventureland and a Movie Under the Stars? I’d hate to miss those, too. What kid wouldn’t?

As a young person and part of the community myself, I came to terms with my sexuality because of Pride. Seeing firsthand that there are so many other LGBTQ+ people like me in the world was so comforting and helped me to understand that I was not alone. Kids and teens can also find this kind of support in PrideFest, encouraging them to be authentic and accepting of who they are and who they love. Because of all the heterosexual and cisgender stereotypes we see today in society, it’s even more important to make sure questioning children don’t feel as though their feelings are wrong. Exposing kids to the LGBTQ+ community also promotes inclusivity and equality for the future. Think of how nice it would be to have a generation that spreads love and kindness like confetti.

There are only a few weeks left until we reach the start of Pride month. I encourage all of you to go check out the 30 Days of Pride schedule on Capital City Pride’s website to find the events that will be of entertainment to your family. I hope to see you there!