Meet the Team

Board of Directors

The Capital City Pride Board centers on the fundamental responsibilities of providing the organization with sound governance, fiduciary and strategic oversight, and direction. The board is responsible for assuring the financial integrity and solvency of the organization and establishing procedures to safeguard the organization from fraud and risk. The board oversees: 

  • The operations of the organization 
  • That the mission addresses a community need 
  • That the public’s trust is upheld 
  • That all practices are ethical 
  • That legal requirements are met
Hillary's headshot
Hillary Gardner
Meda's Headshot
Meda Brkic
Vice Chair
Bartley's headshot
Bartley Mullin
Shannon Samuelson Headshot
Shannon Samuelson
Director of Finance
Burl Hutchison Headshot
Burl Hutchison
Jake's headshot
Jake Sahr
Director of Diversity, Accessibility, & Inclusion
Kyli's headshot
Kyli Hassebrock
Director of Brand & Marketing
Jim's Headshot
Jim Hegarty
Director of IT
Cal's headshot
Cal Solverson
Director of PR & Social Media
Amanda's headshot
Amanda Becker
Director of Education
Erik's Headshot
Erik Pingel
Director of Community
Derek's Headshot
Derek Klopfenstein
Director of Health & Wellness
Raul's headshot
Raul Canahui Artola
Director of Family

Year-Round Volunteers

Josh PeterSmith
Deputy Director of Design

Staff & Contractors

Cassandra Halls Headshot
Cassandra Halls
Consultant, 2 The Top
Darren Hushak Headshot
Darren Hushak
Production, Pinnacle Recording
Joelle's Headshot
Joelle Blanchard
Kristen Myers Headshot
Kristen Meyers
Deputy Director of PrideFest, PrideFest Operations
Rebecca's headshot
Rebecca Smith
Scott Bruxvoot Headshot
Scott Bruxvoort
Sophia's headshot
Sophia Harrison
Grant Writer