May 21, 2021

Studio 54: The best Part of your life
Social hour with cash bar 
Includes dinner / ceremony / entertainment


Studio 54: The Best Party of Your Life at Capital City Pride’s 2021 Gala & Awards Ceremony. This event will be a Disco inspired evening of food, entertainment, music and fun for all. An exquisite dinner in combination with an itinerary of entertainment will culminate the evening into an unforgettable celebration for those who help strengthen and promote the Iowa LGBTQ+ community. Come dressed in your best Disco or Broadway inspired attire.


These awards honor people and organizations that have demonstrated leadership by visibly contributing through volunteering, donating, and helping to create a strong and cohesive LGBTQ+ community in the Des Moines metro and/or company diversity and inclusion.


Submitting a nomination is a great way to recognize specific Des Moines LGBTQ+ leaders, outstanding company diversity and inclusion programs and an ally of the LGBTQ+ community. All nominees should be summited no later than March 17 2021.


Pride Person(s) of the Year:

This award honors two outstanding representatives of the Des Moines Metro LGBTQ+ community. The award is based on service to the community, participation in LGBTQ+ organizations, volunteering, fundraising, etc. in the past year. To submit a nomination, click here


Company of the Year:

This award honors the outstanding Des Moines Metro company. The award is based on the company’s LGBTQ+ diversity and inclusion policy, education and advocacy, community, and participation with LGBTQ+ organizations, service, and sponsorship. To submit a nomination, click here


Ally of the Year:

This award honors the most effective Individual ally of LGBTQ+ community over the past year. The award is based on LGBTQ+ community support, participation, service, and sponsorship.To submit a nomination, click here

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