515 Pride

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515 Manifestival

When: will take place on Juneteenth 6/19/2021


Where: TBA


Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/515Manifestival-101745141969267

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About 515 Pride

515 PRIDE (sub committee of CCP) has partnered with IQC3 to put this event together. Our mission is to help manifest and uplift a strong, active community of artists, performers, and entrepreneurs of color in our community, emphasis on queer folks. We want to provide a space in our community where queer, black and brown folks can come together, connect, heal, and express themselves through art and creativity.
Although this event is very new, the talent that exists in our community is not. Nor is the need to carve out spaces where we feel free to fully be ourselves and see our culture(s) reflected in the broader community.