• Go here for a cuppa, iced or steeped hot, add sugar or honey, whatever you’ve got!

  • Here comes the bride, and oh no, they’re a mess! They must head over here to pick up a dress!

  • If it’s antiques you like, then this is the place, they have dishes or bedspreads in linen and lace, and the light’s always on for a friendly face. 

  • Opa! They cry after a dance, drink or bite, head here to dine Greek, follow the light!

  • Once upon a time, in a land not far away, we got books in stores, and you still can today! In the spirit of sharing, both books and friends, this lovely pub opened, a means to great ends!

  • If you like witty words, they have a few, on a mug, on a shirt, or a magnet, pew pew!

  • This is the spot for burgers,  and a horror flick reigns, but no need to worry, they’re not made of brains!

  • They made it for dogs, but they like your cats too; grab a leash, treat, or toy, they have more than a few!

  • There’s no Bonnie here, but she isn’t missed, the diner is fine, you’ll leave full and blissed!

  • Art and furniture collide in this local store, get a table, a mailbox, and so much more. 

  • Sugar and spice and everything nice can be found in this shop, but a word of advice: don’t go in there hungry or you’ll leave with a haul… on the other hand, do, they’ve got it all!

  • If you can cook, come here and look! They have pots, they have pans, they have culinary fans!

  • A little of this, a little of that, pick up a candle, a card, or a cute birthday hat

  • If you run fast as The Flash (or slower like me,) head here for your gear, it’s where runners will be. They’re friendly and smart and they have shoes to spare, go in for a fitting and get you a pair!

  • Know how to ollie? Wanna pull a nollie? Head here for a deck, just don’t have a wreck!

  • Collect all your loved ones and put them in place, to host your event, this is the place!

  • I’m singing “don’t you, forget about brunch”, and you’ll find the end point, I have a hunch.