Countdown till Capital City Pride 2015 - June 12-14


For Immediate Release (Des Moines, IA)

Today, a part of Des Moines’s LGBT community faced a threat from an unknown source.  A letter was sent to the Blazing Saddle with a white powder included in the envelope.  Authorities were called and we are very happy that it was only baby powder.  Fortunately none of the Blazing Saddle's staff or patrons were injured in this incident!  We would like to thank all of the officials that acted swiftly to resolve this matter.  The investigations by federal & local organizations are on going at this time.

If this letter was trying to scare us into hiding, to make us too scared to use the right, everyone's right, to spend our time and money to patronize businesses & events in our own community- this letter has failed.  All of the Board members and supporters of Capital City Pride hope it does exactly the opposite.  At a time when we are seeing many new laws working against the equal rights of our community in many states across this great nation, we want our community to know that we are here and ready to rally for each other.  We are one community and today is a clear reminder that no matter how great our differences, we were built on love, understanding and support for each other.

The Pride march in Des Moines started with the owner of the Blazing Saddle, Robert “Mongo” Eikleberry, and a few other brave souls as they marched to the Capital Building here in Des Moines to protest for equality for members of this community.  Today we are reminded what it means to be “Mongo Strong”, “Saddle Strong” & “Pride Strong”.   Today we are reminded so much why this year’s theme is “Back to the Heart”.  We already know our great community will help show all Iowans what the word strong means- as we lift each other up to rise above such hateful words.

Tonight we want to invite our entire community to stand strong together and show the world that we are many voices working together as one for the equality of all members of our community.  We are inviting you to show the world that we are all Mongo strong!

Tonight, turn out at our Bartender's Review to show to all Iowans you support each other, you are strong, you are loved and you are there to support the Blazing Saddle and all members of Iowa's GLBT families who have been insulted by today's incident.

Capital City Pride has no intensions of moving any of our planned events.  Our pre-show cocktail hour will continue on at the Blazing Saddle at 6pm and the Bartender review show will run as planned at the Garden Night Club at 9pm.  We look forward to seeing you all!


---CCP Board




Capital City Pride announces location changes for Pridefest 2015.

Over the past 6 months Capital City Pride (CCP) has worked towards building a lasting partnership with the Historical East Village (HEV) Board and businesses to return Pridefest 2015 to the East Village.  Pridefest 2014 took place on the Grand Avenue Bridge due to the construction in the East Village.


The theme for Pridefest 2015 is “Back to the Heart”.  Back to the heart of the true meaning of PRIDE the promotion of equality, recognition that all lives matter and a celebration of self-acceptance.  CCP started over 30 years ago, in the HEV, and we are excited to bring it back home.


A meeting was held on February 5th with city officials, CCP, members of the HEV Board and businesses.  CCP listened to the concerns of businesses impacted by our original plans of an event on E 5th from E Grand to

E Walnut, and E Locust from E 6th to E 4th and made adjustments.  We are excited to announce that an agreed upon location has been identified.  We will maintain the focus of the event on E 5th from E Locust to E Grand Avenue and on Grand Avenue from E 5th to E 4th.  The parade will come down from the State Capital and route to E Locust ending at Robert D Ray Road. We will continue to work with the businesses located in the new planned area to ensure questions or concerns are heard and addressed.


The festival located on E 5th and E Grand Avenue will be free.  An additional outside concert held at The Garden Nightclub to showcase our headliner will be a paid event, more information to be released at a later time.  We look forward to a safe, educational and entertaining festival that helps promote diversity and inclusion efforts in the Des Moines region.


Thank you

Capital City Pride

Capital City Pride would like to thank everyone who attended, participated in, volunteered for, or worked this year's Pridefest.  You made Des Moines Pridefest 2014 the biggest and best celebration in our history!


To our community...  You came out rain or shine and made Capital City Pridefest 2014 one of the biggest and  best annual celebrations of LGBT pride in Iowa.  Thank you!


To our volunteers...  Thank you to all the volunteers who spent hours working to create Pridefest 2014.  From setting up the festival and managing the entertainment to organizing the parade, to planning and fundraising throughout the year, your dedication and support makes everyone in our community proud.


To our sponsors...  Thank you for showing your support of Iowa's GLBT community.   Your financial support and participation makes Capital City Pridefest possible.


Stay tuned for information about Pridefest 2015!


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