Greetings and Welcome to PrideFest 2017!

On behalf of the Capital City Pride Board, thank you for your time, commitment and support. We are excited to hold PrideFest with street party, parade, and rally right here in the heart of the East Village. We would also like to say Thank You to all the businesses and neighbors for your support in allowing us to celebrate our diversity here at the foot of our illustrious Capital Building. Equal Rights has long been an Iowa tradition both legally and socially, and we celebrate Pride to affirm that tradition.

This year, through working with the City of Des Moines, our East Village neighbors, and supporting sponsors, we are bringing you Iowa’s 39th annual PrideFest totally FREE to the public! After many years of charging admission, we felt, as did our neighbors and sponsors, that Pride should return to being a free event - no one should be charged to show their diversity. This is the basis of our motto this year “Community As One”.

With the upcoming anniversary of the Orlando Shootings, we need to remember that if we can continue to keep our “Community As One”, we should not have to live in fear or degradation of who we are. Such tragedies are not just something that we see on the news; they are real, they happen, they affect the lives of all around them. PrideFest is our way of standing up and reminding ourselves and the world that we make a difference, that we have merit, that we are a Community As One!

We appreciate each and every attendee, entertainer, vendor, sponsor, neighbor, and supporter of our LGBTQ community. The Pride Stage an array of entertainment including bands and burlesque, drag queen and kings, and the exceptional talents of our headliner this year, Betty Who!

Let’s celebrate us!


Justin DeVries
Capital City Pride Board

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